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ImageIMPAKT is a Bangalore based Image and Soft Skills Consultancy. We are in the business to work with individuals to help them portray an appropriate, authentic, attractive and affordable image at all times. Shweta Rajput is the founder of ImageIMPAKT Consulting Services, devoted to transforming the lives of individuals by propelling them to achieve their personal and professional goals through enhancing their Appearance, Behaviour and Communication. She is a Certified Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer from Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI), MBA in Human Resource Management and an Advanced Diploma holder in “Guidance and Counselling”. To be successful there are two things which are absolutely essential, and both need to take place simultaneously. First- you must get an OPPORTUNITY to do something and second- PERFORM to your full potential when you get that opportunity. ImageIMPAKT Consulting Services provide the relevant solution to become successful in personal and professional life by enhancing your Appearance and Soft Skills. APPEARANCE MANAGEMENT creates a powerful First Impression to get a chance to perform and SOFT SKILLS help you perform when you get it. Our experience and passion for work aid us to carry‘experiential’and ‘engaging’ learning approach in the sessions, enabling participants to hone their skills and make an impeccable impression.


Personality & Soft Skill Training


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