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Best gyms near me

Let’s agree! Regular exercise is the best way to stay in shape. Whether you’re a man or a woman, to maintain a healthy body, it is important to have a fixed fitness regime. However, the best gyms near me in Bangalore are overly crowded with men that leave me, and other women intimidated.

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That being said, most women are against the idea of working out in a gym or health and fitness centre in Bangalore surrounded by men. To give women the perfect gym workout plan and environment, women-only gyms in Bangalore are the next big thing. These single-sex gyms near me empower women and give them the privacy and safety they want while working out without worrying about the constant male gaze.

Advantages of working out in an all-women gym near me:

Comfort: Some women are not comfortable working in a conventional gym as they are intimidated by the thought of men judging them. In an all-women gym, you can concentrate on exercising without any disturbance. The environment and female trainers make you feel even more comfortable.

Fewer people: The last thing you would want is going to a gym only to find lots of people. Working out in an over-crowded gym is downright stressful. On the other hand, gyms made specifically for women are compact and intimate. You have ample space to workout, exercise and stretch.

Customised gym workout plans: Most all-women gyms have and multi gym equipment tailored for specific workouts and to suit the needs of a woman. This makes you feel less self-conscious and you are more likely to focus on the workout.

More encouragement: Working out at a women’s gym near me motivates and encourages me better. Since you are working out with likeminded people, you gain the confidence to exercise, shed kilos and ultimately get into shape.

best gyms near me

To help you decide faster, here’s a list of some of the best women’s gyms near me.

Contour Women’s Fitness Studio

Contour Fitness Studio has their branches all over Bangalore city in the following areas – Koramangala, Ulsoor, Jayamahal, Jayanagar, R.T Nagar, HSR Layout and Bannerghatta Road. This women-only gym aims at shaping the dreams of every woman by offering intelligent gym workout plans, fitness motivation, group classes and nutrition advice. They also have a team of dedicated women trainers that facilitate weight loss plans, tried-and-tested nutrition tips and customised workouts.

Customer Review

“I enrolled at contours gym 4 years ago with weight loss as my primary goal. Not only did I achieve my goal but with help of very efficient and affectionate staff at contours I was able to even surpass my anticipated goal considerably. I lost 20kgs in 7- 8months”. – Shaila


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Another women’s gym near me is Vivafit – Ladies Fitness Boutique. Their primary mission is to motivate women to lose weight by creating habits of healthy eating and exercise. Their gym workout plans and programs include circuit training, Pilates, body vive, body balance, Zumba and Sh’bam. They have their branches in HSR Layout, J.P Nagar and Whitefield. Quick Tip: Before enrolling, you can take a free trial class.

Customer Review

“A wonderful place to get into shape. A team with one of the most talented people”. – Sumana Patel.

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If just getting in shape is your thing and you are indifferent about being gaped at, here are some of the best gyms near me that are open to both men and women.

Pluto Fitness

Situated in Koramangala, Pluto Fitness is a full-fledged gym and health and fitness club offering weight and strength training, cardio, aerobics, Zumba, salsa, Bollywood dance, yoga, personal training and facilities such as steam and sauna. What more? They also have a juice bar for your post-workout nourishment. If you have any special need, they also offer physiotherapy sessions. Since it is spread across two large floors, there is plenty of room for women to work out without any qualms.

Customer Review

“The gym is nice and also offers affordable membership prices” – Chiraj Vidhani

The Workouts

The Workouts Elite Fitness Club is a health club equipped with world-class amenities and infrastructure. Their gym workout plan includes cardio, Pilates, steam, sauna and much more. To cater to the needs of women, they have a ladies-only suite. All the trainers at The Workouts are certified by renowned institutions in India and abroad.

Customer review

“Big space, lots of equipment and pretty motivating crowd too”. – Lajeet Adhikary

Fitness Café

Fitness Café is an ultra-modern health club located in Koramangala. Spread across 4,000 square feet, they offer a wide array of fitness exercise and wellness programs for both men and women. Their group classes include Bollywood dance, Zumba, power yoga, meditation, crossfit, TRX and functional training. They also offer body analysis and diet consultation.

Quick Tip: They have a free 3-day workout pass in case you want to take a trial.

Core Fitness

One of the best gyms near me is Core Fitness. As the name suggests, they are a hard-core fitness club. They offer personal training, nutrition programs, group classes, aerobics, cardio, weight-loss programmes and physiotherapy. They also have a health bar to satisfy all your post-workout cravings.

Customer Review

“Best gym in BTM in term of accessories and fresh environment”. – Abhishek Gupta.

F2 Fusion Fitness

Fusion Fitness is a fully-equipped gym and crossfit club that have a holistic approach to staying fit. They offer cardio and strength training activities that increase flexibility and build endurance. A single workout session starts at Rs. 150.

Customer Review

“Pocket friendly gym. Love it”. – Prayag

These are some of the best gyms near me. Let us know in the comment section below which gym you work out at.

Dial Jordan Tip: Never stop working out. It boosts performance, eases stress and makes you feel happier and relaxed. Whether you’re new to fitness or have been at it for years, these multi gyms and health and fitness clubs can bring out the best in you. Enrol yourself at a gym near you today!

10 things to remember before joining a gym

1 . Find a gym close to home

2 . Visit at your prime exercise time.

3 . request exercise center correspondence.

4 . Check for clean machines

5 . Get some information about its crisis design.

6 . Twofold check the agreement.

7 . Put resources into your enrollment.

8 . Check the gym culture

9 . Look past the arrangements

10. Locate a decent blend of machines.

13 advantages of Exercising regularly

1. Diminish pressure

2. Lift upbeat synthetic concoctions

3. Enhance fearlessness

4. Appreciate nature

5. Anticipate psychological decay

6. Ease uneasiness

7. Lift intellectual prowess

8. Hone memory

9. Help control habit

10. Increment unwinding

11. Accomplish more

12. Take advantage of inventiveness

13. Motivate others

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