Looking for the perfect gift? Corp Attire by Dinesh and Chetan is here to help!

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corporate gifting in bangalore

Corp Attire by Dinesh and Chetan is here to help you  in your corporate gifting endeavours!

  • Company: Corp Attire
  • Founders: Dinesh Agrawal & Chetan Khanna
  • Year of inception: 2012
  • Sector: Corporate Gifting
  • USP: Customised apparels & out-of-the-box corporate gifting ideas

corporate giftingToday, the culture of corporate gifting has moved beyond the conventional realm and festive season.

Though the demand for corporate gifts is highest during the festive season, one cannot undermine the fact that there is a steady demand for corporate gifts and promotional products all year round.

Thinking differently and offering corporate gifting with a twist are Dinesh Agrawal and Chetan Khanna, founders of Corp Attire.

The duo entered the segment six years ago with the aim to become the end-to-end solution for corporate gifting and merchandising.

Offering customized promotional apparel and an extensive corporate gifting range, Bangalore-based Corp Attire is helping clients add value to employee relationships.corporate gifting companies A survey reveals that after receiving a promotional product at a product launch or event, 85% of consumers do business with the advertiser.

Talking about past struggles, Dinesh reveals

“Setting up a reliable network was the biggest challenge for our company.”

In context with current industry trends, the duo said,

“Today, when a client is choosing gifts for their clients and stakeholders, they don’t want regular options, they are looking for something different, ethical and innovative that would serve as appropriate gifts to the recipients.”

Despite the large number of corporate gifting companies, they felt the need to start something that would make the recipients feel special and nurture long-lasting relationships.

To them, a personal touch in corporate gifting is important. Whether it’s a large conglomerate or budding start-up, the value of an innovative and customised gift cannot be argued upon.

Dinesh also emphasised on the challenges most clients face when looking for appropriate gifts.

Some of them are:

  • Lack of gifting ideas
  • Fear of sample and final product being different
  • Improper timelines
  • Finding a partner who can rise to the occasion and offer the perfect gift
  • No knowledge of trends in the gifting industry
  • Lack of understanding the requirement
  • Fear of being overcharged

To address and tackle the above pain points, Dinesh and Chetan decided to give wings to their dreams.

They are making a difference by handpicking the best gifting ideas for corporates, rising to the occasion and festive season, understanding the versatile requirement of the client, and delivering on time and as per the client’s budget.

When we asked them what their greatest moment of success was, they said,

“Just two years after our inception, we received a really big order from Flipkart. It was an order for 10,500 promotional and corporate gifts”.

Their first order is something both of them cherish.

“The proud moment for us was when we received our first order from Ernst & Young, which was of a huge amount”.

No matter which domain you belong to, corporate gifting can make a difference. Whether you want to remind someone of your business, thank an old client or appreciate the effort of a hard working employee, gifting in the corporate world is more important than you think.

Here’s what their clients have to say!

A great place for corporate needs of apparel, accessories, gifts, stationery, and sports items.Palindrome Systems

Great service, client friendly.Yashashwy Agarwal

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