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American toy retailer, Toys “R” Us, was looking forward to a big Christmas celebration in 1999.

Back then, ecommerce was just taking shape, and they were flooded with holiday orders. They had promised customers that any orders made on or before December 10th would arrive by Christmas.

With thousands and thousands of orders rolling in, customers were pretty excited. However, it turned out to be that the American toy retailer couldn’t keep its promise.

Having tied-up with a faulty supply chain and logistics company led to a delay in orders. This fiasco resulted in negligence in picking, packing and shipping items before the Christmas deadline.

Though they sent an apology mail two days before Christmas, they faced a lot of backlash and negative PR. The company image was completely tarnished.

This meltdown forced them to handover fulfilment of the remaining orders to

You could be in their shoes too! Well, it’s true! You can’t plan for every challenge, but it’s important your company prepares for the worst in case things backfire.

Whether you own a start-up, manufacturing plant or Ecommerce Company, you cannot ignore the value of efficient freight forwarding. You are surviving because of them, and thus, you need to choose the right ones who will handle everything for you from scratch.

Negligence in loss of cargo, damage of cargo, rerouting of cargo, non-collection of documents, improper documentation and cargo delays can cost your company a fortune.

What should you know when exporting abroad?

In today’s cutthroat economy, it is very important for a business to act professionally to succeed.

A company can script its own success story by building an efficient logistics system that will stand strong amidst the fast-changing economic parameters we live in.

If you are a manufacturer who is looking to ship goods from one country to another in a safe and efficient manner, we have you sorted with a comprehensive list of freight forwarding companies in India.


Freight Forwarding

For those unaware, a freight forwarding process is dedicated to making the shipping process efficient, safe and cost-effective for a company.

Depending on the type of shipment, a range of carriers including air freight, ocean freight, road freight and railway freight are used. An organisation may seem to know everything about transportation, but often lack knowledge about international shipping.

To those who are new to the international trade and importing and exporting, freight forwarding may seem like a foreign world. Therefore, to save you from the trepidation, hiring a professional freight forwarder is vital. They don’t just act as intermediaries between your company and the transport company but also handle the nitty-gritty related to the shipping process.

What does a Freight Forwarder do?

If you are a manufacturer, the benefits of a freight forwarder are invaluable to your business.

Whether it’s importing raw materials from a foreign country or exporting finished goods to them, an experienced freight forwarding company will make it seem like a cakewalk.

Given their extensive expertise and knowledge of foreign transport protocol, they are the people you can trust with your international cargo.

From ensuring all your shipping and customs documents are intact to assist in packaging and warehousing, and ensuring all pertinent requirements are met, freight forwarders provide assistance at all levels.

international shipping

When it comes to transporting goods safely abroad, most companies face issues with custom clearance. This usually happens when documentation is not handled properly.

The duty of a freight forwarder is to streamline operations, make declarations and pay the duty as and when needed.

Freight forwarding companies in India also recommend special packaging methods that will protect your cargo during transit and till it reaches the final destination.Importing and exporting

Importance of a Freight Forwarder to a Business

To fill in the missing gaps and achieve a successful supply chain for your company, tying-up with an international shipping company is a must. Here’s why:


For a business that needs control over their supply chain, manageability is of utmost importance. Working with third party logistic companies can be a hassle at times. Consider a shipment is lost during transit; you will have to go through multiple departments and phone calls to trace where your cargo has reached. On the other hand, when you fire a professional freight forwarder, you need to sit back and relax while they track your shipment and handle related issues.

2) Inventory management

A freight forwarding process is not as simple as a regular courier service. Freight forwarders usually work with multiple transportation companies to move items. In the process of doing this, a large inventory has to be managed. A little negligence can cost your company a huge loss. Therefore, a role of a freight forwarder is to ensure your products and assets are accounted for when stored at the warehouse. Based on client request, they track, store and move products. They also make use of advanced resources and modern online tracking outlets in order to provide the best customer service.

3) Competitive rates

Cost saving is one of the biggest advantages of hiring freight forwarding companies in India. Depending on the size of your shipment, freight forwarders can negotiate a high number of containers at a lower rate with carriers. An industry expert or cargo represent can handle this with compliance and efficiency, thus mitigating delays and unnecessary confusion.faq

Essential Questions to ask your Freight Forwarder

  1. Do they have experience with your cargo type?

Different types of cargo exist such as machinery, garments, chemicals and much more. It is always advised to choose a freight forwarder who has prior experience in shipping similar cargos as yours.

  1. What is the commencing point and final destination of the cargo?

It is important to know the origin and end location of the company that will forward your shipment. This also gives you an idea on how extensive their network is.

  1. Do they offer customs brokerage?

They should be able to leverage customs information and other trade compliance programs to your advantage. They must be able to assure you hassle-free movement of goods.

  1. How does the freight forwarder measure the shipment?

A freight forwarding company has its own way of measuring shipments. Most companies measure the length, width and the height of shipment and then calculate the cubic feet.

  1. How is the cargo packed? Are there additional charges?

Depending on the type and weight of the item being moved, freight forwarders offer packaging options that include large containers to big tankers.

  1. Is cargo insurance mandatory?

While it is not mandatory, it is vital that you take it. In case of physical loss or damage to the consignment, the insurance covers the cost.

  1. Can I track my cargo?

The ability to track your cargo not just gives you peace of mind, but convenience too. Ask your freight forwarder if they have an online tracking mechanism.

  1. How is the cost calculated?

You as a company must know what you are paying for. To avoid being fooled by small-time freight forwarders, get a full price breakup. Most companies charge based on – origin city, destination city, type of product, quantity, total weight with packaging and dimensions (L x W x H).

The process of moving cargo to foreign locations can be quite cumbersome, if done single-handedly. Save yourself from the trouble, tie-up with a professional freight forwarder today.

If you too have faced similar freight forwarding disasters, we would love to hear from you. Let us know in the comment section below.

Whether you’re an exporter, importer or any other organisation, we have listed the most reliable and affordable freight forwarding companies in India that will make all your business processes dynamic and standardised. Click here to know more.

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