5 Types of Hearing disorders that needs to be treated by Hearing Centers in Indiranagar & koramangala

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ENT specialist in Indiranagar

Hearing defects can impact the way you live, getting help from an ENT specialist in Indiranagar or any part of the city makes it easier for you to overcome the challenges.

It can be caused by different factors, some of which can be successfully treated easily with medicine or may require a surgery, it completely depends on the disease.

There are various types of hearing defects, let’s take a look at them below.

1. Tinnitus 

You’re at a movie or a concert, there’s a sudden explosion sound or loud music, the very next moment you realize, that there’s this constant whirring or ringing noise inside your ears and it doesn’t go away.

If it stays longer than a few minutes, chances are that you may have Tinnitus.

Tinnitus is an acquired condition where in there is a ringing / whirring noise in the ear, that can obstruct your day to day life, the constant buzzing sound creates makes it hard for the person having it to work, focus or sleep, as they are left with the noise at all time.

Some of the Celebrities like Russell Crowe, KT Tunstall etc are known to have tinnitus.

If you’re currently suffering from Tinnitus, you could use, what is known as white noise music / sound to mask the whirring sound, hopefully it should help you sleep.

Also, don’t worry, you can overcome tinnitus, visit a proper ENT specialist in Indiranagar, who can examine what’s the primary cause and address the issue.

2. Auditory Processing Disorders 

When the brain’s hearing and interpreting ability gets disrupted, the collective condition is known as Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) or Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD). Of course, CAPD or APD is a broad term that classifies many smaller disorder under it.

The most common form of Central Auditory processing disorder is the Spatial Processing Disorder (SPD). Where the brain’s normal auditory processing abilities are unable to determine the sounds coming from one direction or any direction . For a patient suffering from this disorder, it would be frustrating  for them to hear and locate specific sounds around them.

Spatial Processing hearing disorder, however does not impact the ability to hear and appropriate treatment for it could be provided by Ent specialists in Indiranagar, by creating therapies, training to manage the condition.

3. Conductive

When the sound that passes from the Outer to the middle ear gets interfered with and doesn’t enter the Inner ear, the condition is known as Conductive Hearing Loss. There are various factor that cause conductive hearing loss, ear infections, punctured eardrum, clogging of earwax, fluid build-up, or a deviation in the conduction bone that doesn’t let the sound pass through.

For this type of hearing loss, mostly surgery or bone conduction hearing aids, hearing devices and middle ear implants can be used to treat Conductive Hearing Loss.

Treatment for it is provided by ENT Specialists in Indiranagar, who can diagnose and suggest the next steps.

4. Sensorineural

Sensorineural Hearing Loss occurs when the Cochlea( the portion of the inner ear that is responsible for conducting the sound) and/or the auditory nerve is damaged or malfunctions is unable to transmit the auditory and electrical information to the brain.

Factors such as natural aging, in ear diseases, accidents or exposure to loud noises and certain kinds of chemicals and medications are some of the primary causes of this type of hearing loss. When the nerves that carry sound information to the brain are damaged or malfunction, it is known as Auditory Neuropathy.

In most cases, the Sensorineural Hearing loss is permanent.

ENT specialists in Indiranagar can help you in recuperating from the effects of the hearing loss, they can suggest proper Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants and Hybrid Cochlear Implants.

5. Mixed Hearing disorder.

When both Sensorineural hearing loss and Conductive hearing loss are present, the condition is known as Mixed hearing disorder. The sensorineural disorder is permanent, while the conductive disorder can either be permanent or temporary.

Treatment for the mixed hearing disorder can be done through a reputed ENT specialist in Indiranagar, who can help you cope up with the hearing loss by helping you choose an effective hearing aids and train you to coexist in the society through various techniques.

Treatment for the hearing disorders should be started early on to get relief, you could visit these ENT specialists at Hearing Care and wellness Centers in Indira Nagar and Koramangala.

Aanvii Hearing Care Clinic in Koramangala

Customers who visited Aanvii Hearing Care Clinic in Koramangala, mentioned that they provided good customer service. The doctor was friendly and patiently listened to all the queries the patients had. The overall service was also known to be good.

You can reach Aanvii Hearing Care Clinic (SIEMENS & Amplifon dealer) in Koramangala here:

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Hearing & Wellness Clinic (Siemens & Amplifon dealer) in Indiranagar

Hearing & Wellness Clinic in Indiranagar are known for their patient friendly doctors. The method of diagnosing and testing was also considered to be done well.

You can reach Hearing & Wellness Clinic in Indiranagar, here:

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Nayak’s Hearing Care Clinic in Indiranagar

You can reach Nayak’s Hearing Care Clinic in Indiranagar, here:

Address: 1308, Jeevan Bima Nagar Main Rd, HAL 3rd Stage, Indiranagar, Jeevan Bima Nagar, New Tippasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075

Shreya Hearing Clinic in Indiranagar

You can reach Shreya Hearing Clinic in Indiranagar here:

Address: No. 3308, 8th Cross, 13th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

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