Lets unite for the God’s Own country-Donate to CMDRF

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Hundreds of lifes lost, Many a thousand of people left homeless, the gods own country Kerala is witnessing the worst floods in the history of the state.

To contribute to the Distress Relief fund. 

Even though the national media is turning a blind eye towards the disaster struck state,the state governement and the people of Kerala have shown remarkable determination and care in tackling the unforeseen situation

“We’re witnessing something that has never happened before in the history of Kerala,” Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told the media.flood relief

The state has been experiencing heavy rainfall that has resulted in 41 dams filling to capacity. Water had to be periodically released from all 41 of these dams which has resulted in severe flooding in low-lying areas.

Entire state (14 districts) was subjected to a red alert which indicates the highest level of any disaster,which led thousands of people to abandon their homes and seek shelter in relief camps.

Over 40000 people are being occupied by relief shelters in Eranakulam district itself, More than 1,50,000 disaster struck, ailing human beings are finding refuge in relief shelters across Kerala.


Kerala is doing its best to find,rescue and shelter the people stranded by the disaster

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, in a press meet on Thursday evening, said that various agencies of the central and state government were working in tandem to control the situation.

The next big challenge in front of the state is to provide for the disaster struck people living in relief shelters.

People in the camps include those people who have seen their loved ones die, savings of an entire lifetime being washed away, Debris and havoc. It’s all trauma and hopelessness in their lives.


Lets unite for Kerala

Managing life in a disaster relief camp is not easy, Camps in Kerala are in need of Clean water, Food, Clothes, Sanitary Napkins,Bathing soaps and washing soaps, bedsheets, Basically every thing to run a home.

Always keep in mind that all these people Forced to leave their homes and made to suffer in distress shelters ,are all dignified normal human beings just like any one of us, let us contribute to Keep them dignified.

In the last two days Kerala have witnessed an unimaginable amount of heroics from common people .

Students, Daily Wage workers, People With very little Salaries have shown the highest level of humanity by contributing a part of their earning with utmost happiness and pride.These are the golden moments that makes the word “Human” meaningful.

Its not how big an amount you contribute,its the willingness to contribute that makes you a better human.

To contribute to the Distress Relief fund. 

Lets unite to provide relief for Kerala, Even a small contribution from your side can be helpful to a person in suffering.

Here’s How you can Help the people of Kerala

You can donate your contributions to the Chief ministers distress relief fund

Account number: 67319948232
Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: City branch, Thiruvananthapuram
IFS Code: SBIN0070028
Name of Donee: CMDRF

If you choose to donate Via Tez, Procedures are as follows

1. Open the Tez Application and press the New Payment Option.

2. You can make the payment by selecting the Account number option in the menu.(3rd from left)

3.Enter the recipient name as CMDRF

4.Account Number:67319948232

5.IFS Code-SBIN0070028

If you choose to donate Via Paytm, Procedures are as follows

1.Open the Paytm Application

2.Patym have launched a new option “Donate Kerala floods”,Press that option

3.Enter your name in “On behalf of ” option

4.Select the amount you want to donate, Press proceed option.


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  1. I am deeply saddened with the current situation in Kerala. I think it’s very important for all of us to contribute and make a difference.

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