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Corporate gifting is one of the most popular and affordable marketing techniques in use today. As a result, corporate gifts suppliers have sprung up both online and offline to cater to the rising demand for corporate gifts in Bangalore. With the market for corporate gifts in Bangalore being at an all-time high, it has become crucial that you select only the top-grade corporate gifting companies among the many options available.

There are also different kinds of corporate gifting suppliers and corporate gifting companies in Bangalore today. Some supply gifts only for the festive season, some specialize in gift hampers for employees, and others can provide you with customized corporate gifts.

So how do you differentiate a world-class corporate gift dealer from a mediocre one?  How do you stop yourself from buying low-quality products from dubious corporate gifting companies? Well, keep reading. This article will help you select the best corporate gifting companies in Bangalore.

But first, let us first take a look at what corporate gifts are and why you need a corporate gift dealer in Bangalore.



Simply put, corporate gifts are gifts given by businesses to existing and potential clients as well as to employees.  This is done with the idea of

  • creating new business relationships
  • promoting goodwill
  • boosting employee morale
  • reaffirming personal bonds between the giver and recipient
  • reinforcing current business relationships with vendors and employees

Studies have shown that you are twice as likely to be contacted by a client if you practice corporate gifting techniques. Corporate gifting is a great way to build and market your business at a relatively low cost.  Statistically, businesses first focus on giving corporate gifts to major clients. This is followed by employees and then by prospective clients. The gifts can range from cards and calendars to a wine hamper to even an all-expenses-paid vacation.  

The practice of giving corporate gifts in Bangalore has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years. The market for corporate gifts in Bangalore is estimated at around INR 12000 crore and is believed to increase from 8 to 12 percent annually.

Studies have shown that you are twice as likely to be contacted by a client if you practice corporate gifting techniques. Corporate gifting is a great way to build and market your business at a relatively low cost.



If the need for corporate gifts and a thriving gifting practice still doesn’t make sense to you, here are some advantages of corporate gifting.

  • Staying on the Client’s Radar:

Regardless of the geographical distance between your business and your client, corporate gifting will help you stay on their radar.  The gift hamper you send to the production manager will likely sit on her desk for quite a few days and will keep your business on her mind for even longer.

A well-thought corporate gift will also set you apart from the competition. It will distinguish you as a preferred business partner.  A prudent corporate gift will remind the customer that their business is important to you. This feeling of goodwill will ensure that the customer gives you repeat business.


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  • Reinforcing Brand Image:

Corporate gifts that can frequently be used in the office environment such as pens, calendars, notepads, etc. will remind people of your brand again and again. This is an important step in developing relationships between yourself and clients.

You can also distribute gifts which contain information about your company. This can range from company logo, address and contact details and your company slogan too. This will leave a lasting impression on the clients’ mind about your company and its brand.

Corporate gifts are essentially spreading awareness about your business. Receiving gifts will make the receiver associate your business with a positive perception. Ultimately, this will enhance your company’s image. Corp Attire is an excellent corporate gifting company in Bangalore that can help you with all kinds of corporate apparel, gifts, and stationery items to further your brand’s image.

corporate gifting ideas


  • Creating Business Opportunities:

When the client receives a gift, they would probably send their acknowledgment or appreciation which can open further lines of communication to discuss business needs and solutions.

With your company’s information printed on your corporate gifts, you will increase your recognition and garner curiosity about your business. This is a great step in generating leads for the business.

You can use corporate gifts such as free trials to lure more customers. They will be much more inclined to spend on a company that has given them gifts in the past.

You can even use corporate gifts to get more referrals from existing customers and benefit from their extensive network connections.


  • Employee Recognition:

   An occasional corporate gift can go a long way in boosting the morale of your employees and perking them up. An employee will prove more useful to a company if he, in turn, feels appreciated and valued.

Utilitarian gifts such as laptop messenger bags, wallets, portable chargers, etc. make employees feel that their needs are being taken care of.  Happy employees will lead to a healthy workplace atmosphere as well.

You can also strengthen the company’s spirit with good quality promotional gifts.

corporate gifting ideas employee

  • Cost-Effective Advertising:

Using promotional gifts has been a form of advertising in the corporate world for a long time. Both the receiver and anyone else they come in contact with will become aware of your brand because of your gift.

This is a very cost-effective advertising method as compared to traditional advertising practices.  A corporate gift is bound to last much longer than an ad campaign. The cost per impression is relatively small when weighed against other forms of media advertising.

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Corporate gifts to employees and incentives might be confused with each other. However, there are distinct differences between the two.


  • Corporate gifts are not driven by results:

Employees are given standard incentives on the basis of completing set goals such as sales quotas, working extra hours, better customer service, a good attendance record, etc.  

Corporate gifts, on the other hand, are instinctive and natural. There is no formal agreement that an employee will be given a gift based on his performance in any given area.


  • Corporate gifts have a personal touch:

Incentives are presented with the idea of rewarding employees for their contribution to the company. They are more economical in nature when compared with gifts.

In contrast, gifts are more personal in nature. They are a sign of human connections in the corporate world, i.e., recognizing people for what they do.


  • Incentives are temporary and transferable:

Since incentives are more tangible, they can be passed off from one person to another depending on who has achieved the best returns with respect to their work. They only have a fleeting impact on the winner.

Gifts are permanent in quality. They are shared by everyone implying that everyone has their own special place in the company. They have more to do with recognition than reward.  


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Corporate gifts can be classified into different categories based on their intention and timing.

  1. Joining Gifts: Many employees are given a gift pack when they join the company. The usual gifts include t-shirts, coffee mugs, bags, jackets, etc.
  2. Completion of Service and Retirement Gifts: Similar to joining gifts, gifts are also presented to employees on completion of a certain number of years of service or at the time of retirement. These are more expensive in nature and can be vacation packages and expensive household items.
  3. Gifts during Festivals: Many corporations present their employees and clients with gifts on major Indian festivals as well as New Years’. These could be in the form of gift hampers, food and sweets boxes, electronics or home and decor related gifts.
  4. Conference and Meetings: Whenever a large corporate event such as a meet or conference has taken place, goodie bags are usually handed out to participants. This is more of a promotional tactic and could include gifts such as t-shirts and mugs.  
  5. Recognition for Employees: These are impromptu gifts given in response to good work being done by the employees of an organization. They lift employee morale and keep them motivated and driven.

Popular types of corporate gifts are food items, wine and liquor packages, office-related items, tickets and subscriptions and gift cards.



There are different platforms to get corporate gifts in Bangalore.


  • Online Corporate Gifting Services

Many corporate gifting merchants allow you to purchase different kinds of corporate gifts through their websites.

DialJordan gives you an easy way to look through a sorted list of these merchants based on your location. The listing will be arranged according to the price and the reviews and ratings of previous customers.

You can then select the one that you are interested in which will take you to their microsite. The microsite contains details about the products, images, address and contact details. This will give you a thorough and complete idea about how the corporate gifting service.


You will be able to make more inquiries about the service by filling up a form. There is also a live chat option with the vendor as well as an option to request a call after OTP verification.


  • Retail Catalogs or Stores

There are a number of retail catalog and stores that have corporate departments that offer items that can be used for corporate gifting. Try to go for a store that has a dedicated corporate section so you can buy corporate gifts in bulk to save costs.  


  • Product Manufacturers

You can directly strike a deal with manufacturers of corporate gifting products. This would be helpful because you can trust their experience and quality as seasoned suppliers of their goods.  Leading manufacturers also have representatives in the market that can help you with gift-giving programs.

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Now that you know how to find the perfect corporate gifting service, here are some signs of a good corporate gifting company.


  • Experience in Corporate Gifting

Before making any purchase orders from a particular gifting company, do a thorough background check on them. Make sure that they have an excellent reputation in the market for corporate gifts. Make inquiries as to how long they have been in business, what kind of insurance they have, previous customer reviews, etc.


  • Reasonable Pricing Policy  

Most corporate gifting services will give you a good discount if you buy products in bulk. Try choosing a service that will provide you with a significant discount so that you will be able to continue your association with them for a long period of time. Since you are putting in a sizeable investment, it would be nice to know that you are being valued as a customer.

Also, make sure that the price you are quoted at the outset is all-inclusive. You shouldn’t have to find out hidden costs at the end of the service.  


  • Efficient Delivery Service

An efficient delivery service is the most important characteristic of a corporate gifting service. The corporate gifting service should be good at making deliveries on time and in a prudent manner. For example, there is no useof delivering perishable food items on a day that the office is closed.

You should also be given an option of tracking the delivery of the gift. Upon completion of delivery, you should be notified of the same. A user-friendly application or website is a very handy feature. A good feedback system also goes a long way in improving their service.


  • First-Rate Customer Experience

A good corporate gifting service will listen to your needs and tailor their services accordingly. This is especially true for customizable gifts. You should be able to contact the proprietor or customer service representative with ease.

Proper management is a must in any company you are planning to employ. You can use DialJordan to read their reviews and ratings to get to know more about their customer support.

The recipient of the gift should also be able to contact the vendor if the need arises. At the same time, they should get the same one-on-one care from the gifting service as they would get from you.  


  • Additional Services

There are other small needs that a good corporate gifting service should be able to fulfill.

For example, they should be able to provide you with a sample of the food if you are planning to send a food basket to your clients. This is important in determining the quality of products that will be received by your client which in turn is a direct reflection of the quality that your company provides.

Also,  make sure they have a transparent refund and cancellation policy. You should also ask questions about what will happen if the good supplied are poor in quality, damaged or missing. How a company corrects, its mistakes will tell you a lot about it.

Another service to look out for is their database management. If you are planning to use the service from time to time, it is imperative that they have the ability to handle repeat orders, ensure the privacy of your information and deal with last minute changes.


  • Limited Branding  

Be careful that the gifting company does not use their own advertising pamphlets while sending their products to your clients. No customer wants to be greeted with promotional inserts when they open a gift. That would make them think of the gift as more of a transaction rather than a personal gesture.

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It can become difficult to find the perfect corporate gift to suit a specific event and purpose. Here are a few simple tips to help you in this process.

corporate gift india

  • Consider the Appropriateness of the Gift

Before choosing a gift for a client, consider the kind of relationship you have with them. Giving gifts that are too personal to clients that seem aloof can turn out to be disastrous. Show some restraint with newer clients as well when it comes to how expensive a gift is and how often you give it.  

There really isn’t an appropriate time to give a gift to a client or employee. However, occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, festivals, promotions, project completion dates, etc. are bound to create a bigger impact. The timing of a gift will also depend on whether you are looking to extract a business purpose or whether the gift is meant as a token of goodwill.

Make sure you check any cultural differences before presenting a gift as well. What is appropriate in one region might not be fitting in another.


  • Check with Company Policies and Regulations

Some companies have restrictions regarding the value of a gift that they can receive. It will be an embarrassing situation if they have to return the gift because it exceeds their allowed expense. Check beforehand just in case.

Some companies have a strict prohibition on receiving gifts as well. This includes banking, insurance, government agencies and the like.  Also, check with government regulations on what rules are used for tax deductions on corporate gifts before setting aside a budget for the same.


  • Be Mindful of Personal Tastes  

Every person has their own interests, and personality and a corporate gift should adapt to their personality. Take the time to find out about a person before giving them a gift. It is quite difficult to determine someone’s tastes discreetly so you could always be direct and ask them. This will also give you an opportunity to know your client

For example, a book on yoga would be a suitable gift for a fitness enthusiast. Someone who plays golf would really appreciate a golf club cleaning brush.

You can even include a well-thought handwritten message along with the gift to make it seem even more personal.


  • Check the Quality of the Gift

It goes without saying that whatever gift you give should be of the highest quality possible. This is because any gift you give will be a direct reflection of your own company standards. With that said, stick to the budget allocated and don’t go overboard with your gifts.

A major part of gift receiving is the unboxing experience. Therefore, pay close attention to the packaging of the gift as well.  Choose a gift item that you would personally like to use as well. A practical gift is much more appreciated than a promotional gift that has no use or utility.

You can choose to customize the gift if it is a practical item that is likely to be used every day. It is more prudent to customize gifts such as those part of a promotional event than, say, a gift that is sent for a promotion or an anniversary.

Some questions you can ask yourself before choosing a corporate gift are:

  • How much of an impact will the gift have?
  • How often will a customer look at the gift?
  • Does it represent the company values and ethos?
  • Will other potential customers come in contact with the gift?

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There are endless options available when buying a corporate gift for any occasion and purpose. You should always try to go for something that is meaningful and leaves a mark on the gift recipient.

A corporate gift is one of the many ways to cherish professional relationships. However, an appropriately given corporate gift can go a long way in cementing business ties and furthering your professional interests.


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