Top 7 Gyms in Koramangala reviewed

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gyms in Koramangala

Gyms in Koramangala reviewed

A good workout ensures all important parameters such as blood pressure, cholesterol, weight etc. are within bounds.

Many of us struggle to get time for doing exercise and workout. We waste all our time thinking of when to start and how to start. Nowadays we have many well-equipped Gyms in Koramangala us who provide all these workout activities at a single place.

Along with a good workout, a supporting diet will help you achieve and maintain your fitness goal.

There are many gyms which don’t have professional nutritionists or dieticians to give diet plan to their clients. The gym trainers or owners make the plan on their own and provide it to them which leads to the deficiency of nutrition in the body as they don’t have proper knowledge of it.

Before taking membership in any of the gyms:

  • Do a proper check up with your doctor and consult with them, this will give a rough idea about your current fitness level.
  • At the gym, check if they have a dietician or even consultant who provides a properly balanced diet plan. Keep a regular check on your diet.
  • Check the reviews on sites like DialJordan, to know about the previous experiences that the customers have had with the gym.

After seeing customer’s review, we have chosen some of the Top 7 gyms in Koramangala you should definitely look out for:

Gold’s Gym in Koramangala

Gold's Gym

It is one of the renowned gyms in the world. Gold’s gym is in this business since 1965 and provides 100% guarantee of transforming your life. It has world class certified trainers, instructors and innovative fitness programs for its customers. This gym provides personal training and organizes boots camps for its members and provide all kind of workouts like cardio, floor exercise etc.

Customer Reviews

“I like the positive atmosphere that you feel as soon as you walk through the door. The gym is very big so you have more than enough room to use each machine efficiently and even incorporate your own exercises.” – Harley”

“Gold’s Gym exceeds my expectations at a very reasonable price. They are open during the hours that I want and it’s close to my house so it is very convenient in a lot of aspects.” – Shivangi Jha


136, 2nd Floor, 1st Cross Road, 5th Block, Koramangala.

Snap fitness Bangalore

Snap-Fitness-LogoSnap fitness gym is one of the best fitness franchises in the world. Founded in 2003, it provides high-quality services to its members. This gym offers high-quality equipment for cardio, strength training and other exercises. It provides 24/7 access to their customers. It makes us feel great about our health and wellness, inside and out. Snap Fitness’s memberships give you access to any of its gym clubs worldwide at no extra cost. 

Customer Reviews of Snap Fitness in Koramangala

“If you want to maintain your body then you can go ahead with the gym.” – Nishit

“Best ever fitness center I have gone through as the trainers and equipment are so friendly. I achieved my goal in short period with the support of trainers without any personal training.” – Naren.

Address of Snapfitness in Koramangala

586, 80 feet Road, Near Federal Bank, Koramangala.

The Fit District Gyms in Koramangala

The Fit District gym is founded in 2016 by Vasudha Aggarwal and Niran Ponnappa. This gym offers various fitness services like Zumba, aerobics, yoga, cardio, pilates etc. It is a pet-friendly gym and has exclusive offers for senior citizens and kids under 16 years of age. This gym’s aim is to create a positive environment in the gym and help its members to achieve their fitness goal with ease.

Customer Review of The Fit District in Koramangala

“I have been its member for past 6 months. I am fully satisfied with its service.” – Garvit Kalra

“The trainers are very cooperative and friendly and make exercises fun-filled activities” – Mohan

Address of The Fit District in Koramangala

7, 80 ft road, Next to Reliance Footprint, Koramangala, 7th Block, Bengaluru


Fitness Cafe in Koramangala

gyms in koramangala

Fitness Cafe is one of the best and fully equipped gyms in the area. It has professionally qualified trainers and a good ambiance for fitness freaks. This gym helps in achieving mental, physical and spiritual discipline. Fitness Cafe gym’s main aim is to help its members in attaining fit mind and body. It offers facilities like Yoga, Weight gain, Weight loss, bodybuilding and functional training.

Customer’s Review of Fitness Cafe in Koramangala

“Excellent trainers. Nice hospitality best Gym in Koramangala” – Vidya

“Best gym in Koramangala, definitely better than any of nearby ones” – Vinayak Bhat

Address of Fitness Cafe in Koramangala

Builders NVG, 6th Block, Koramangala

Aero Fitness Centre in Koramangala

Aero fitness center is one of the best places to achieve your fitness goals. It offers facilities like aerobics, gym, Zumba, yoga and personal training. Its trainers are highly professional and concentrate on each member’s fitness. They make exercise a stress buster and easy for their members.

Customer Review of Aero Fitness Centre in Koramangala

“One of the best place for personal training” – Rashi Jain

“Last 13 years, I am with Aero Fitness. People come from very far places for their workout. They provide the best personal training” – Ashwini

Address of Aero Fitness Centre in Koramangala

17th C Main Road, 5th Block, Behind CCD. Koramangala

Contours Women’s Fitness Studio in Koramangala

womens gym in koramangala

It is the ideal workout place for women in the area. Contours Women’s Fitness studio helps in achieving the perfect body by offering strength training and cardio workouts. It gives the right training programs to the members. The trainers are very professional and dedicated and give the best possible training. They have perfect knowledge about each and every exercise. This gym offers facilities like group classes, Zumba classes, yoga, power yoga and locker & shower facility.

Customer Review of Contours Women’s Fitness Studio in Koramangala

“Best exercise routine given by instructors here”- Faiz L”

“One of the best gyms ever. You will not get bored coming to the gym as they come up with new exercises every week” – Pooja K

Address of Contours Women’s Fitness Studio in Koramangala

126, 1st A Cross Road, Near My Tea House, 5th Block, Koramangala

Hyper Monkey Fitness in Koramangala

Hyper Monkey Fitness gym was started by three males and their team whose main aim is to help people unleashing their body and power. They offer Yoga, kickboxing, Zumba, bag sessions and death by a monkey which includes a high version of cardio and workout. It is a 24-hour gym and the trainers are professionals and happiest group of people.

Customer Reviews of Hyper Monkey Fitness in Koramangala

“Extremely happy with the place and members” – Habeeb Noor

“Just outstanding. Fun and fitness together. Killer workouts! With a Smile” – Arun Sharma

Address of Hyper Monkey Fitness in Koramangala

583, 4th Floor, 80 feet road, 8th Block, Opposite Bethany High School, Koramangala.

Benefits of joining a gym

Heading off to the exercise center can be as normal to some as showering or eating. Yet, for a large portion of us, it’s something we attempt to uncover the vitality to do in any event once every week, and in the event that we get it going one Tuesday for 30 minutes, we’re especially glad for ourselves.

We know the standard purposes behind going, yet rationale and reason go out the entryway in the wake of a monotonous day of work when the lounge chair and TV look a lot more welcoming.

In spite of our normal slant toward unwinding at whatever point conceivable, there are a couple of good motivations to go to the rec center, notwithstanding when all you need to do is literally nothing.

1. Your body will thank you over the long haul.

2. It will enhance your connections.

3. You can rest easy.

4. It will enhance your rest.

5. You’ll be less pushed.

6. It gives your confidence a lift.

Fitness Tips from Dialjordan

1. Play Motivational Music ,This will keep you pumped up.

2.Announce your fitness goals on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. “You’ll be surprised how many people help

3.Pump yourself up. Positive self-talk can boost your motivation.

4.Break up your workouts. split your workout sessions into small chunks

5.Do stretches, It makes you more flexible, relieves muscle tension, and improves posture.

Know any amazing gyms in Koramangala that we missed out, do let us know in the comments.

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