Why moving out of Bellandur makes more sense for corporate employees

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I mean, why shouldn’t you?

Bellandur was a sleepy old suburban village before it got converted into an Information Technology (IT) mini-hub, with Social Economic Zones (SEZ) and tech parks like Ecospace, Salarpuria Softzone, Vrindavan tech village and Cessna Business park establishing their presence in and around the area.

Strategically located between Marathalli Sarjapur and HSR Layout, Bellandur plays an important role and is home to many Corporate employees.

Until a few years back Bellandur was perfectly alright. In the recent years, however, Bellandur has caught the headlines of the major media organisations for all the wrong reasons.

Back in February 2017, the Bellandur lake burned because of the industrial effluents present in them, for nearly 12 hours, leaving a trail of fumes that was harmful to inhale and it settled down, around the area.

The National Green Tribunal, which works to protect the natural resources in the country, has given a directive to the State government to shut down the industries around the lake’s belt, the authorities have turned a blind eye to that.

What is even more worrying is that though some precautions were taken, they still haven’t been able to bring things under complete control and soon Bellandur may become completely unlivable.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that make living in Bellandur hard and dangerous.

Waterbody pollution:

The foam build up that happens due to sewage flushing from the factories around the locality, proves to be a major cause for the water body pollution. The sewage from the factories get mixed in the lake, kills many species and penetrates the groundwater table.


Health is one of the primary concerns if you’re still thinking about staying in Bellandur, with multiple cases of skin related disorders, severe illness due to consumption of polluted water for a while. Inhalation of the fumes, coming in contact with the foam while riding through the bellandur bridge are some of the reasons.

Even the groundwater table is affected by it.

Water Scarcity :

Bangalore was planned only for a certain number of population. When the numbers exponentially rose, beyond the Bangalore’s Development authority BBMP’s control since 2002, they insisted on implementing Rain Water Harvesting in every house, so the residents can use borewell as an additional or the primary source of water (In case they weren’t getting Cauvery water.

But the real trouble for residents of Bellandur is that if they are living very close by to the lake, they won’t be able to use the borewell because of the chance that it may be polluted and soon the surrounding areas will be affected soon too.

Poor Drainage Systems:

Poor drainage systems are still a thing in Bellandur. Bellandur wasn’t planned well to handle the Highrises and other forms of developments that have been fed into it. The drains are small and get clogged or overflow during rainy seasons.

Heavy traffic

The Outer Ring road was planned around 2002, at that time the population of Bangalore was 41 Lakhs, and in 2015 it soon rose to 81 Lakhs approx. Added to it traffic mismanagement, sudden breakdowns of vehicles and a heck a lot of one way which makes driving to work a troubling experience.

Based on some of the Business parks that lie on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) stretch, I would suggest you some of the best locations to stay in, if you’re working around Bellandur area.

If you’re working in & around the Cessna Business Park, JP Morgan, 24×7 etc close to marathalli and living in Bellandur,

Consider staying at Marathahalli as it is away from Bellandur, to begin with, it has all the amenities and more than what bellandur can offer; movie theaters, shopping destinations, restaurants etc.

Staying in Marathahalli is close to your workplace, you don’t have to travel all the way from Bellandur, find a place and then some packers and movers in Marathahalli, so they can help you shift your stuff out.

People working at Salarpuria Softzone, Ecospace Vrindavan Tech village etc, and living in Bellandur, can choose to shift to HSR Layout as it offers wider roads, better living environment and added convenience.

HSR Layout already has a vibrant cosmopolitan community, with options for individual houses to Gated communities, staying in HSR layout gives you the sense of security as well.

A lot of startups like FreshMenu, HashedIn etc too have made HSR Layout as their headquarters, because of its easier connectivity.

If switching to HSR Layout has been on your mind for a while, now is the time to call packers and movers in HSR Layout and get moving.

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