1.    How does it work?

a.     You get listed with DialJordan with a registration fee of Rs. 36,000 + GST valid for one year.

b.     DialJordan presents you with relevant targeted business leads.

c.     You convert those leads to business


2.    How do I get benefitted with it?

Every business needs more customers to buy their products and services. We give you more customers to increase your revenue.


3.    Who is behind this?

The current team consists of highly qualified technical coders and digital marketing experts. Current team size is of 9 people in technical team and rest in sales & marketing. Total 14 people.


4.    Where is u r office?

Our office is located in Koramangala, Bangalore.


5.    Why should I pay first and wait?

As per company policy, we do not offer any credit term. Also considering the fact that the transaction amount is really small the company wants to focus on deliverables rather than in collections.


6.    Is there any free sample or registration for 8 days or 15 days?

No, we do not have any free trial. If there is a doubt you can sign up for 3 months and if not happy we will refund your money back. We do not want your money by making you unhappy.


7.    What if I didn’t get the leads?

1)    You can raise the support ticket to check if the target market defined by you is accurate for your business.

2)    Also plz check if the details of your company including rating & reviews are correct and that you have uploaded photos and logos of your company.

3)    You can raise a refund request and the processing will be completed within 24 hours.


8.    You are not an established brand?

We know to generate leads online and offline.. And we are good at what we do. Business needs customers and we will give you more customers than any of our competitors in the market.


9.    Can u give me commitment on the number of leads for the contract term?

No, we cannot commit on the number of leads for the contract term. Its against company policy. Our business is to grow your business.


10.How many areas are covered in my contract?

We are not area specific. The contract covers the current city where you are doing business and signed up for.


11.What is different about dialjordan?

We understand your business and target market from local to global level.

We understand the importance of targeted business leads.

We have a very strong research team.

We are absolutely passionate at whatever we are doing.


12.Can I discontinue my services if I am not happy with it?

Absolutely anytime. Just login into your business console and deactivate the service.


13.What is the process of refund?

After you deactivate the service online, within 48 hours you will have refund of your money in the same account from where you paid us.


14.Can I pay cash instead of Cheque?

NO. We do not accept cash. At no point of time please pay by cash to any of our company registered ASM.


15.Can I download my leads?

Yes. You can download the leads from Download Section of your Business Console


16.What is a microsite?

Microsite is your company's identity on dialjordan. It communicates your business details to potential customers and creates trust about business. It also helps dialjordan to generate more powerful leads for your business.


17.Can I design my own microsite?

No. As of now this facility is not available on dialjordan. This helps us in charging you less for the services we deliver.


18.Can you link directly to my website?

We do not want the customer to loose focus from dialjordan. But we do mention your web address in the microsite.


19.What is the process of leads distribution?

Leads are distributed on rotational basis to all registered business in that category in batches.


20.Is same leads shared with my competitor?

Yes. Uff course. We are business listing service and our primary goal is to give our customers as many options as possible. If we dont give, he will eventually find out.


21.If I need any assistance how to contact your company?

The best way to reach us is to raise a ticket from your business console. Guaranteed response time is 24 hours. Alternatively you can also contact the ASM who helped you sign up for the services.


22.Where are you advertising right now?

The current advertising plan is restricted to Google - Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Everyones online, so we are online.


23. I don’t have bank account how do I pay?

Sorry we do not do sign up businesses without bank account. We do not accept cash.


24. Don’t have PAN/GST number?

As per current govt policy it is mandatory to have PAN and GST number to do business in INDIA. We request you to get one.


25. Can you give leads only from selected areas?

Yes. You can control this from your business console.


26. My category is not listed?

We have tried our level best to list all business categories, if unfortunately we have missed any, please raise a support request. Our research team will definitely have it updated after market research.


27. How can I change my category of business?

The main category and sub main category cannot be changed once locked. How ever you can change and edit the sub-sub category from the Business Console. In any case if you wish to change the main categories, we request you raise a support ticket from the business console.